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If you’re a fence professional and you want to sell more fences, you’ve come to the right place! Undoubtedly you are a great fence installer. You’ve installed hundreds of fences, and your customers rave about their fences. They love the look in addition to the privacy it provides. They tell their friends and neighbors about their new fence. Everything is great, except… you still need more business. You’re doing a great job at what you are best at. In fact, you love the fence business. You love it so much that you started your own company, but now, how do you grow your business? Read More…

Featured Products:

Fence ID Tags

Aluminum and Poly Fence Plates and Signs

Fence plates are an outstanding advertising tool to help a fencing company sell more fences! Let potential customers know about you with a fencing plate or sign customized with your company name, tagline, and contact information. Fence plates and signs allow your work to advertise itself as well as develop sales leads for years to come. Call 800-367-8458 to discuss your plate and sign advertising needs with one of our professional sales representatives who can assist you in designing a simple, direct, and appealing design.

Yard Signs and Holders

Are you looking for a proven way to get the word out to foot or road traffic? Custom business yard signs can turn lawns into front-page ads. Made of durable and fade-resistant corrugated plastic, our yard signs are designed for long-term use, even in inclement weather. And while they’re ready to stand up to the elements, yard signs are lightweight enough to easily move from site to site. We are happy to assist you in designing your own personalized yard signs! Contact one of our experienced sales representatives today at 800-367-8458.

Yard Sign for a Fence Company

Vehicle Magnet

Vehicle Magnets

Outfit your vehicles with personalized vehicle magnets for quick and effective on-the-go marketing. Both durable and weather-resistant, our magnetic car signs can get your business name and logo noticed by pedestrians and other drivers – and can help you make a strong first impression. Our vehicle magnets are a great option if you want to create a consistent, branded look across multiple trucks, cars, or vans. Contact one of our sales representatives today at 800-367-8458.

Mesh & Vinyl Banners and Wraps

Fence banners and wraps are a great advertising tool during fence installation, especially on large construction sites! Your company logo and message are readable yet the banner is semi-transparent especially when viewed towards a light source. The open mesh material allows light, wind, and sound to pass through. Contact one of our experienced sales representatives today at 800-367-8458, we are happy to assist you in designing your personalized fence banners!

Fence worker wearing a promotional T-Shirt


Equipping your staff with branded apparel can be a serious boost to several aspects of your business. High-quality branded work clothes not only give your business a sense of style but help create an air of professionalism and focus in the workplace as well. This makes your business environment more welcoming to potential customers, who will be more open to working with your company. To create branded apparel for your business, contact one of our experienced sales representatives today at 800-367-8458 to discuss your apparel needs.

Business Cards

Business cards have always been and still remain a compact and cost-effective printed marketing tool. You can include all the essential information about your business, such as contact information, and even add your special touch of branding with a logo, slogan, or photo on a small rectangle card. Try wood or your own uniquely shaped die-cut cards for dramatic impact! Contact one of our experienced sales representatives at 800-367-8458 to discuss your business card options.

Business Cards for Fence Professionals

Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator Magnets

On a typical day, some studies suggest we make that journey to our refrigerator at least 15 times a day. Now think about the fact that most customers who receive promotional refrigerator magnets leave them on their refrigerators for years to come because they end up being useful. At a low cost of mere pennies per impression, refrigerator magnets can effectively promote your business in addition to the services you provide. Contact one of our experienced sales representatives at 800-367-8458 to discuss your magnet options.

Custom Solar Fence Lights

These solar fence lights are a unique giveaway gift your residential customers will appreciate because they’re so useful. With warm white and seven color-changing colors, these fence lights with your custom logo will create a pleasant ambiance on the fence around your customer’s yard, deck, pool, etc. Customers will also see your logo every time the lights are used. Contact one of our professional sales representatives today, at 800-367-8458, to discuss your promotional product needs.

Solar Fence Lights to Advertise Fence Company